Crochet elastic is a product of knitted elastic used in home textiles and under garments. It can be made with synthetic or natural fibres. The knitted elastic can be flat, tubular, or shaped. It is often used in making children’s clothing, women’s garments, and men’s garments. The term knitted fabric elastic is used for the elastic products.

The production of knitted elastic demands the use of sophisticated and powerful knitting machines and high skill labor. The demand for knitted elastic is very high because of the variety of its applications. It is also known that the production of knitted elastic is more cost effective in comparison with the conventional knitted fabrics. Moreover, the knitted elastic is highly elastic and can be used for a wide range of garments and upholstery. 

High quality knitted elastic

High quality knitted elastic for home textiles, undergarments, and different sportswear products.

elastic with best stretch

In sewing, elastic allows your fabric to be stretched for better holding. Our elastic products are 100% compliant for use with relevant fabrics.

Good price and shorter
lead time

In addition to using local parts and high-skilled labor to minimize lead time and speed up production, we have competitive pricing.

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